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2. Story — By Abhishek Mukherjee (Drama)


Abhishek Mukherjee

What’s the story that is going to unfold in the following conversation between mother and son? Is it a simple childhood tale or a spine-chilling one? 
Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Won’t you tell me a story, Ma?”
“You have turned eight today. You shouldn’t ask me to read to you! It is time you started reading them on your own. When I was your age…”
“Yes, I know, I know what is coming. When you were my age, you read everything by yourself, and never bothered granny. But I do read a lot by myself. You know that!”
“Fine, you read, but you still pester me to read to you.”
“Ma, it is my birthday today.”
“Don’t start blackmailing me again!”
“What is blackmailing?”
“Nothing. It is a terrible thing. What story do you want today? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?”
“Tell me other stories. Real ones.”
“Really? What are these real stories?”
“My stories. Our stories.”
Abhishek Mukherjee is a statistician, writes for CricketCountry, and is a wonderful blogger and writer.Check out his Blog, Facebook and Twitter 

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