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5.Monster — by Amritorupa Kanjilal (Drama)


Amritorupa Kanjilal

Kuhu wonders if her father was really a monster. Searching for his monsterhood after his death, she unveils a lot of secrets. 
Here’s an excerpt from the story: 
It should have felt like desecration, her presence in the apartment of a dead stranger, but it felt more like a task. Not merely emptying out the fridge or making sure the windows were closed, but the need to feel loss. She knew nothing about the man she had seen being swallowed by a giant box of fire just a few hours ago, except that he had once been a famous writer, and that her mother had hated him as much as she had hated the cancer that had eaten away her innards with precipitancy…
…On her 11th birthday, her mother had told her that her father would never be coming to see her again. Frightened by the ringing unfamiliarity of the word ‘never’, she had asked why. “Because he is a monster”, Ma had snapped.
Monster, at that age, meant a huge hairy thing that possibly had horns and ate children, and generally left one alone if the lights were on. Baba had an excessive amount of hair on his back, but Kuhu couldn’t imagine him eating children. She had been alone with him for hours, and had always returned whole.
Amritorupa Kanjilal says she collects weird people. All we know is she’s a great book critic and writer. 
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