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The Clue and the Cue — By Tnahsin Garg (Thriller)


The Clue and the Cue (an excerpt)

She took a sip of her freshly prepared coffee, letting the hot liquid wet her tongue, while closing her eyes and hoping that the caffeine would stir up her neural activity anytime soon, and she will be able to make the most important decision of her life. The decision of choosing between life and death.

To be or not to be.

fbcAnd if she chose the latter, she must do it immediately after she gets some kind of a cue from God. She was not going to do a suicide if it wasn’t in her fate. It was her own wyrd, like it was of Beowulf. After all, she was responsible for a murder, and she must be punished. Spreading out her legs on the sofa, she looked out of the window, searching for a clue but found instead a twilight hovering over the evening sky blotted out with the growing jungle of sparkling, concrete multi-storied towers.

Why on earth, in the first place, I agreed to move to this rotten colony in Delhi? To cook for him? He didn’t quit his job; I had to.  

Rising up, she left the drained cup of coffee on the table, and opened the huge window in her living room. A fresh gust of air caressed her flesh, piercing through her silk night gown.


Tnahsin GargTnahsin Garg

Tnahsin often exercises his freedom by convincing other folks that ‘free will’ does not exist. His first novel ‘The Prophecy of Trivine’ is a science-fiction based in India. He can be reached at :


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