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Watermelon: Cut and Dried — By Sujata Parashar (Romance)


Watermelon: Cut and Dried (an excerpt)

“I love watermelons too!”  Said the gruff voice.

It was a hot day. Kanak was waiting for her turn at the cash counter. She wasn’t expecting anyone to pay attention to her transparent package. The tiny shop, quirkily named, “The F Tree,” selling exotic fruit salads of different kinds was overcrowded and noisy. Kanak wanted to pay for the (packed) fruit salad she’d picked for lunch and leave quickly.

She was one of the regulars to the place. In fact, the shop with its glassed shelves and cabinets; displaying some eye-catching fruit salads and frozen desserts was a blessing for her. She hated cooking.

fbcKanak turned to acknowledge the brusque yet friendly voice but her smile froze on her lips when she saw the person standing two steps behind her in the queue. It was Harsh Verma, her arrogant senior colleague.

It can’t be a coincidence. Probably he’s spying on me to know if I am selling office secrets – maybe his designs– to other publishers. She thought.

Don’t be ridiculous! She rebuked herself silently the next instance for her fanciful thinking and gave Harsh a small nod of acknowledgement.

“Coincidence, I guess!” she said aloud, giving him one of her “Beware, I bite,” glares before turning back to pay for her purchase. The guy always managed to evoke strong mixed feelings in her.


sujata parasharSujata Parashar

Author of the immensely popular ‘In Pursuit Of’ series, and a wonderful poet. She contributes articles to various websites and magazines, and is a social activist. She’s a guest author in this book. She can be reached at :

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