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The leading community of book lovers, authors & bloggers.


Who are we?

Hello !

We are a group of crazy book lovers, an ordinary set of friends, with ordinary mundane lives. But the one thing slightly extra-ordinary in us, is our common insane passion for books and writing. So whenever we have too much coffee, we crave for some melon juice !

Writersmelon is that refreshing destination for us. 

A humble beginning…

Started in 2009, with pure passion for books & love for the written word, we witnessed the growth of social media and something that we call as the ”pop culture of literature” – writing and getting published was no longer a privilege available to very few and a ”reading culture beyond text books” was slowly catching up.

….to “The leading community of Authors, Book lovers & Bloggers”

Seven years down the line, we are a leading community with thousands of members, buzzing with ‘real conversation’ around Books, Authors & Writing.  We aspire to become the favorite destination to :

Discover great Books & Authors.

Encourage new Writing. 

Engage in conversation around Publishing, Book marketing & the ever changing Digital world.

We have worked on online marketing campaigns for several new release books on behalf of popular authors, reputed publishing houses, their agents & the super enthusiastic group of new & self published authors.

Melonade – The nationwide writing competition is an attempt to provide a platform to young & upcoming writers from all walks of life. It gives them an opportunity to share stories with the writersmelon community. The shortlisted stories are then judged by some very respected & widely read authors. Melonade will complete its 6th edition this year in 2017. With hundreds of stories received every year, the best short stories from previous editions of Melonade have been published as a collection into 2 books titled : First Brush on the canvas & Jukebox.

It has been 7 full years of running a marathon, a roller coaster joy ride of aspiration. Of creating and re creating, inventing & re inventing new ways to promote Reading & encourage new Writing.

And we have long way to go….
“The woods are still dark & deep. But i have promises to keep. Miles to go before I sleep..miles to go before I sleep”.

– Robert Frost


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