Book Review Program

At Writersmelon, we provide new release books up for review and reward the reviewers to earn a little extra for spreading the joy of reading and buy more books. So, if you love to read and are fairly active on social media, you can be a book reviewer with us. Just follow these simple steps and get going! You can check the books that are up for review here .

1. Sign up with and provide some basic details.

2. Look for books available for Review and apply using the Book specific link each time.

3. Our editor goes through all sign ups and if your review request is approved, you will receive a notification and in most cases a follow up email.

4. Books may reach you via courier as paperbacks, or you will have to buy the book online as a paperback or Kindle version as specified.

5. The book cost and delivery charge will be added as reward points to your profile.

6. When you read the book and submit the review reward points will be added to your profile as a token of appreciation. 

7. You can redeem the reward points once they reach 1000 points or more and receive the equivalent sum in INR directly credited to your account.

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