All Men Are Worshippers by Dinesh Prasad

All Men Are Worshippers

Book Name:   All Men Are Worshippers

Author's Name:  Dinesh Prasad

Book Summary

Frieda, her husband Alfie, lover Mahesh, their seven sons all live in the same house. As Frieda lies in coma, Mahesh recounts their love and life; her seven sons-each stranger than the other-and the impact of their mother’s affair on them. The strange relationship of Frieda, Alfie, and Mahesh has many characters like the Gypsy, Badi Bai, Shiela Aunty, Girija, Thakur Rudra Pratap, an apparition in Pink Saree, Your-Highness, Urja, etc that make their lives a rich, never-ending tapestry of events as each seek fulfilment in their lives. Frieda-a woman who is the town’s gossip; an object of lust and longing. A woman worshipped by all men. Is she a goddess, a strumpet, an enigma or a woman seeking love and honour? And will Frieda and Mahesh get what they set out to seek when they began their unconventional relationship?

Price:  ₹ 377

Author's Details: Dinesh is the best-selling author of East of Love West of Desire, a collection of novellas on the partition of India, published in 2015. He writes short stories, poetry and novels. His writing is lyrical and rooted in the experiments in Magical realism, Surrealism and Romanticism. He writes everywhere—at the airports, in the trains, in the cabs and the buses while commuting to work or over the weekends and holidays. Dinesh is an avid traveller, an amateur sommelier, a cook, a photographer, and a passionate reader. He listens to music while writing, his preferences being rock, jazz, classical, fusion, Indian film music etc. Dinesh is an Engineering graduate from Jabalpur, India, and a post-graduate in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He enjoys working in the Information Technology industry in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Dinesh is based in London where he lives with his wife Deepti, children Abira and Amaarya, and dogs Laika and Loki.

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