Blue Sky White Cloud

Blue Sky White Cloud

Book Name:   Blue Sky White Cloud

Author's Name:  Nirmal Ghosh

Book Summary

A defenceless male elephant calf, born on the grasslands of the great Brahmaputra River, grows into a formidable tusker, journeying through the verdant green hills of northeastern India and Burma. With him, we walk through the vastness of the Indo-Malayan rainforests as he attempts to understand the humans who have irretrievably changed the jungles he roams. Hira Singh, a forest guard in the Nadhia Wildlife Sanctuary, crosses paths with a female leopard who is facing shrinking forests in the hills that are her home. Their lives closely mirror each other’s, following similar patterns of love and loss, as fate resolves to bring the two together, perhaps for the last time. Nadia, a wildlife biologist researching geese, travels to Mongolia, where she tags two geese: Blue Sky and White Cloud. As the birds fly southwards over the Himalayas, she meets Vivek, India’s Minister of State for Environment. Their instantaneous friendship soon takes Vivek to a lush valley at the base of the soaring Himalayas, where he must make a decision that will impact the lives of all around him. With beautiful illustrations and rich prose, the three novellas in Blue Sky, White Cloud narrate stories from the perspectives of man and beast, showing us that, much like us, animals, too, have extraordinary stories to tell.

Price:  ₹ 400

Author's Details: Nirmal Ghosh is a foreign correspondent, writer, and wildlife conservationist. Born and raised in Calcutta of mixed German–Indian parentage, he has subsequently lived in New Delhi, Singapore, Manila, New Delhi (again), and Bangkok. Currently, he lives in Washington, DC. This is his fifth book.


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