Change Me

Change Me

Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann

Book Name:   Change Me

Author's Name:  Jasmin Waldmann

Book Summary

If you are looking for a change in your mind, body, and spirit – this is the book for you. Jasmin Waldmann is a wellness expert and life coach. She has invented Pilardio – a healthy combination of Pilates and Cardio. She is also the inventor of the JaWa diet. She is from Germany but she lives in India now. This book is a journey through the eyes of a high-flying professional who loves his food and a good life. But after Covid-19, lifestyles need to change for better and he has to work towards it. Jasmin writes this book in to share a healthy lifestyle in an interactive and interesting way.

Price:  ₹ 317

Author's Details: Jasmin Waldmann is a wellness expert and life coach. She invented Pilardio - a combination of Pilates and Cardio.

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