Fate Eclipsed

Fate eclipsed

Fate Eclipsed by Deepak Kaul

Book Name:   Fate eclipsed

Author's Name:  Deepak Kaul

Book Summary

Fate Eclipsed by bestselling author Deepak Kaul re-tells the story of the valiant Karna from Mahabharata. While the Pandavas, Draupadi, Krishna and even Duryodhan are the most famous characters in the epic, Karna is rarely spoken of. He is kind of an unsung hero, wronged by his family in so many ways and yet the most gentle and giving. Deepak Kaul specialises in re-telling stories from the Mahabharata in a modern set up. His earlier books have been bestselling and entertaining. Fate Eclipsed focuses solely on Karna and should not be missed. Do apply for a review copy in *Kindle.*

Price:  ₹ 100

Author's Details: Deepak Kaul is a bestselling writer of books across all genre. He specialises in writing stories from Mahabharata in a modern set up.

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