Book Name:   Hauntings

Writer's Name:  Abhirup Dhar

Writer's Details: Abhirup Dhar is a Kolkata-born, bestselling author of books such as, Once Again…With Love!, Stories Are Magical, Hold That Breath!, The Belvoirbrooke Haunting, Hold That Breath 2 and Ghost Hunter, Gaurav Tiwari: The Life and Legacy of India’s Foremost Paranormal Investigator. Dhar’s writing has been endorsed by the renowned film-makers Vikram Bhatt and Sunil Bohra, who also acquired the screen rights for Ghost Hunter, Gaurav Tiwari. Dhar also writes movie scripts with reputed filmmakers. A recipient of various awards and honours, Dhar has been called by Mid-Day as the most acclaimed name in Indian horror writing. Indian Paranormal Society (IPS) was founded by Gaurav Tiwari in 2009. It has been a pioneer in metaphysical/anomalous research around the globe, especially in India. The collective gained popularity in the field of paranormal research because of the investigations they handled by travelling to different parts of the country. IPS aims to shun myths and superstitions about the paranormal through logical evaluation, critical thinking and applying principles of forensic science. IPS has helped thousands get rid of their fear of the unknown by spreading awareness about this field.

Price:  ₹ 270

Book Summary

The choicest and most spine-chilling haunted house cases of the Indian Paranormal Society are curated and written in this once-in-a-blue-moon tribute to horror. Meet the dynamic team who have been living the rocking dream of Gaurav Tiwari, an inspiration for many and the founder of Indian Paranormal Society established in 2009—the first of its kind! From haunted high-rise buildings where certain secrets lurk or a frightening doppelganger at home to terrifying places in small towns—these twelve stories will make you believe in the supernatural if you don’t yet! The house you live in has seen more than you, even before it was probably made! Listen to what it tells you… before it’s too late!

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