Lachit the Indomitable: The Story of Assam’s Greatest Hero

Lachit the Indomitable: The Story of Assam's Greatest Hero

Book Name:   Lachit the Indomitable: The Story of Assam's Greatest Hero

Author's Name:  Aneesh Gokhale

Book Summary

Lachit the Indomitable is a tale of valour. It is the story of Lachit Barphukan, the Ahom commander who led the Assamese to victory over the Mughals. Having lost control of Guwahati to the invading forces of Diler Khan and Mir Jumla, the Ahom monarch Chakradhwaj Singha begins a campaign to retake what rightfully belongs to the Assamese. The land has been ravaged by war, the treasuries are empty, the armouries barely exist. Not to speak of a despondent populace. He elevates Lachit to the status of Barphukan, and makes him the Senapati. When Lachit Barphukan recaptures Guwahati, Aurangzeb sends Ram Singh with a huge army to Assam. In this unputdownable novel, Aneesh Gokhale describes in rich detail the epic defence raised by the Assamese under the leadership of Lachit Barphukan, culminating in the famous Battle of Saraighat, a battle fought entirely in the river Brahmaputra.

Price:  ₹ 449

Author's Details: ANEESH GOKHALE is a navigating officer in the Merchant Navy. When he is not sailing on the high seas or moored at some port, he devotes his time to writing. Lachit the Indomitable is his third book.


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