Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Book Name:   Paradigm Shift

Author's Name:  Prateek Singh

Book Summary

In 2005, during the US-Iraq war, one of the most horrifying war crimes occurred in Haditha, Iraq. Daniel Ryan was going through a military trial for causing a massacre. During his trial, he was send to a secret location in Israel. He met an CIA official in Israel who guided him on his new journey to New York City. Rachel Green went rogue and was on the run in Syria. CIA and ISIS were trying to track her down. She knew something that the agency did not want the world to know. Meanwhile ISIS was conducting a training program under which youngsters were targeted to execute deadly mission around the world. They found someone in the Zaatari Refugee camp, Jordan. Will the young attacker succeed in his mission, or will he be stopped?

Price:  ₹ 99

Author's Details: Prateek Singh is a financial advisor who lives in Lucknow. After graduating in business management, he realised that he never thought about where his genuine interest lies. He always loved storytelling and his imagination helped him discover an idea for a book. He constantly followed geopolitical warfare in recent times, and his main interest lies in pre-historic political theories and philosophies. Eventually, he started digging into history and gathering the pieces of the puzzles to start his research on these intriguing topics, which helped him develop his first novel, Paradigm Shift.

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