Book Name:   Playthings

Author's Name:  Neil D'Silva

Book Summary

Karun suspects that his childhood toy-a clown named Jokko-is out to get him. Even after he throws it away multiple times, it follows him around, standing at doorways, clapping its pudgy hands, smiling, staring, tripping him on wires and choking him in his sleep . . . Fearing for his life, Karun confides in The Fearless Four-a freshly minted paranormal investigation agency run by four brave youngsters. As the investigators delve deep into the case, they uncover a more sinister plan at play: More vengeful toys are coming to life, attacking their owners, and turning them into living zombies. Can The Fearless Four save Karun and the other children before it’s too late?

Price:  ₹ 256

Author's Details: Neil D'Silva is the President of the India Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. He has many a bestseller under his belt including Maya's New Husband that won the title of Entertainer of the Year at the Literary Awards 2015 and Haunted: Real-Life Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits (Penguin, 2019). Many of his books have also been optioned for screen adaptations. Neil has spoken on the TEDx platform and has conducted masterclasses for IIT Kanpur, Wattpad among others. He has also judged the horror category at Wattpad India Awards in 2019 and 2020.

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