The Anatomy of Loss

The Anatomy of Loss

Book Name:   The Anatomy of Loss

Author's Name:  Arjun Raj Gaind

Book Summary

Punjab in 1984. Separatists fight for a free Khalistan, clashing violently with the police. Eight-year-old Himmat is visiting his grandparents in Amritsar when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated. As riots against Sikhs engulf the nation, devastating Himmat’s family in their wake, an unforgivable act of cowardice leaves the boy permanently estranged from his grandfather. Thirty years later, Himmat lives in London still grappling with the memory of the events he witnessed in Amritsar as a boy. Unable to sustain any lasting relationships, he drowns his regrets in alcoholism. When his grandfather’s illness forces Himmat to return to India, he finally begins a journey towards redemption. Based on real events, The Anatomy of Loss is a deeply personal narrative chronicling the impact of Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi on contemporary Punjab and the Sikh diaspora

Price:  ₹ 374

Author's Details: Arjun Raj Gaind is one of India's best known comic book writers. He is the creator and author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling graphic novels, Empire of Blood, Reincarnation Man, The Mighty Yeti, Project: Kalki, Blade of the Warrior: Kshatriya, and A Brief History of Death. A Very Pukka Murder is his debut novel, the first in a trilogy featuring the adventures of Maharaja Sikander Singh, set against the backdrop of princely India during the heyday of the British Raj


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