The Deceived Womb

The Deceived Womb

the deceived womb

Book Name:   The Deceived Womb

Author's Name:  Deepak Kaul

Book Summary

*Kindle copies available* . The Deceived Womb is the second book in the Mahabharata trilogy by Deepak Kaul. While the first book ‘Fate Eclipsed’ was about Karna, this one is about Abhimanyu. Each book in the trilogy picks one valiant warrior from the Mahabharata and delves a bit deeper into their story.  Most people know about Abhimanyu – born in the womb of Subhadra and fathered by Arjun. However, what was he thinking, what was he feeling, how was he reacting to certain specific, pivotal events in his young, gone too soon life is elaborated here. This books also gives a spin to those specific, pivotal events without changing the essence of Abhimanyu’s story.

Price:  ₹ 100

Author's Details: Deepak Kaul is a bestselling writer of books across all genre. He specialises in writing stories from Mahabharata in a modern set up.

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