The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat

The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat

Book Name:   The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat

Author's Name:  Tuhin Sinha, Ambalika

Book Summary

Our first war of Independence was not in 1857. In fact, tribal mutinies against the British began at least 75 years before the 1857 revolution. These battles were fought with traditional bows and arrows and spears, and predated the reported political movement that came to the fore in the latter part of the nineteenth century. As we complete 75 years of Independence, it is only fair to acknowledge that a parallel freedom movement had existed in our far-flung villages and jungles, away from the mainstream freedom movement acknowledged in the books of history. The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat is a humble attempt to honour these largely unsung heroes of an epochal movement, whose contribution remains largely unacknowledged. The book begins with Tilka Manjhi, who unleashed guerilla warfare to combat the British, and includes Jaipal Singh Munda, one of the most nuanced speakers of our Constituent Assembly, tracking the trajectory of this movement. These brave warriors came from all parts of India, including the Northeast and the South, and from all tribes existing in the country. This book is a rare collection and a journey into self-discovery for our civilization turned nation.

Price:  ₹ 339

Author's Details: Tuhin A. Sinha is a bestselling author, screenwriter and politician. He is acknowledged among the most prolific Indian writers with a maverick knack to experiment with new genres. Tuhin’s recent releases include The Legend of Birsa Munda and a geopolitical thriller, Mission Shengzhan. His books traverse a wide range of genres and include sociopolitical thrillers and romantic sagas. He has also written extensively on political issues. This is his twelfth book. Tuhin is a popular media voice of the BJP and represents the party on prime time TV debates. Ambalika is an author, storyteller and history enthusiast. She made her writing debut in 2013 with You Adored, Me Ignored and has since written two more works of fiction. Presently, she is working on her mission to take Indian folk tales to the world through Galp Taru: Folk Tales of India, a video series available on YouTube.


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