The Peace Approach

The Peace Approach

The Peace Approach

Book Name:   The Peace Approach

Author's Name:  Alok Tripathi

Book Summary

Is there any road or any rule that leads to happiness in life? Probably not, but peace can be the stepping stone to a happy self. Author Alok Tripathi explores 31 life transforming ways to happiness in his book ‘The Peace Approach.’ Alok Tripathi has worked for various companies all his life and gained knowledge and insights that he wanted to share with his readers through teaching and writing. ‘The Peace Approach’ is his latest book that explores the ways to a long lasting happiness. Alok also conducts strategic management and life skill sessions. Apply for a review copy in paperback.

Price:  ₹ 269

Author's Details: Alok Tripathi has worked in the corporate for many years and holds a PhD and an MBA. His passion for teaching and writing culminated into this book and he conducts strategic management and life skill lessons.

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