The Stream of Happiness

The Stream of Happiness

Book Name:   The Stream of Happiness

Author's Name:   Nagaraja Koodli

Book Summary

The book covers new types of essays on day-to-day matters, which stimulate the reader to avidly read ideas after ideas. A fresh way of glimpsing life from all vantage points is presented in 30 essays on wide-ranging topics that are of relevance today. Tips are provided in many essays to lead an exuberant life.

Price:  ₹ 59

Author's Details: Nagaraja Koodli retired as Assistant Controller of Mines of the Indian Bureau of Mines in 2003. He has a Diploma in Mining Engineering, BA, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Curiosity and liveliness led him to indulge in sports, physical culture, Yoga, Mediation the Occult, and Cheiro’s Palmistry, as a boy and youth. He has been enthusiastically associating himself with acquiring knowledge in various areas: Law (studied for two years), studied M.Sc. Psychology partially, five levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and four years of training in Transactional Analysis. Science and Spirituality are twin inseparable areas of his interest, not disregarding other areas of Science, Technology, Geology, and Archeology. He has been a keen observer of life. So, it was natural for him to learn meditations —TM, Vipassana, SSY, and SOHAM. Consciousness and Awareness are the areas of his present interest. Personal limitations do not deter him. His motto is rain or shine, keep moving because that is the only way to be ALIVE. He calls it HOPE, for the being who is ALIVE. Is it not self-same?

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