Pre Publishing

Pre Publishing

Editing takes a rough draft and creates the story that will get appreciated and accepted by publishers/agents/readers.

An experienced and qualified editor has the ability to polish not only the language and grammar in the manuscript but also critically analyse the story, provide constructive critique on the plot/characters etc, spot loopholes, and overall find everything that could be wrong in the document before the possible agent or publisher spots it.

We have a few editorial services on offer.


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  • Add the word count, genre and the service you wish to enquire about and we shall get back to you soon. ​

Beta Reading

  • You will be given feedback on the basic concept of the story, the plot, characters, loopholes, and time gaps along with suggestions, if applicable. 
  • The suggestions provided will be extensive and in-depth, with examples wherever needed.
  • Number of rounds: 1.
  • This service does not involve editing of any kind. Proofreading not included.

Copy Editing

  • Grammatical corrections and overall focus on enhancing the readability of the manuscript by polishing the language and style of presentation. This package does not involve any feedback on plot, consistency, etc. Proofreading not included. 
  •  Number of rounds: 2.
  • Proofreading not included.

Developmental Manuscript Editing​

  • This involves checking the accuracy of facts, consistency of the plot and characters, grammar, and sentence construction. In this, you will also be offered suggestions regarding plot changes, better characterisations, and overall feel of the story.


  • Number of rounds: 2.


  • Proofreading not included.

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