Pradeep Kumar Pandey: I Write So That I Can Add Value To Others’ Knowledge

Pradeep Kumar Pandey: I Write So That I Can Add Value To Others' Knowledge

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Pradeep Kumar Pandey is an Engineer and Medical Transcriptionist and besides working independently, he started writing on the topics close to his heart. Let’s talk to him about writing and much more. 


Playing chess helps in decision-making 

Pradeep is a man of many activities and he enjoys each of them. Reading non-fiction books has helped him to start writing. 

“I love to read, write, and travel. I play chess on a regular basis and have learnt a lot from it, such as decision-making, timing things right, focus and concentration, risk-taking, complex calculation, and visualization, etc. I love hiking and going to hilly areas whenever I’m in such a position. I like to explore the world and try to understand how our body and nature work together. I also like to invest in stock markets and other assets so that I don’t miss the financial part of my life. I don’t read fiction that much and I read books mainly on self-improvement, business, finance, investment, health and nutrition, relationship, history, and spirituality. And I’m hopeful that I will be able to write on these topics also in future when I find something fruitful to share.”

“I write because I think I can help other people who like to read..”

There are authors who write to share stories and there are other authors who write to benefit their readers with more. Pradeep writes books on health and self-development so that his readers have something to take away from his books. 

“I write because I think I can help other people who like to read and find out what can be useful for them if they want to succeed in life. That’s how I’m able to do better, just by reading more and more books. I decided to write when I realized I had something to share that can solve someone’s health concerns. Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows something that can help someone. And I just hope I can add more value to people’s knowledge base when they read my books.”

‘Weight Loss: A Sustainable Approach’ – Let’s get to know more about it.

Obesity is slowly reaching the status of a plague among Millennials and Pradeep has written this important book on how to lose weight without harming your body. 

“This is a book which gives the readers some concrete understanding of why someone is overweight and what they can do about it, why it is important to get in shape, and how someone can follow some simple science-backed diet and lifestyle modifications to avoid or minimize health risks associated and also save on their medical and hospital bills. I have realized that if you simply want to get in shape and are really willing to take steps required, you are more likely to succeed in other aspects of your life too. By deciding to improve our health, we give our body and mind some positive signals to push for betterment and we are more likely to be more successful in our job, business, and relationships as well just by improving our health.”

Prdeep was struggling with health issues when he decided to write this book and share his knowledge with others. 

“I was struggling with my own health issues and wanted to know what was wrong. I read many books, experimented here and there, and was able to get rid of my obese personality finally. I also treated my wife’s non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, got rid of my stress, improved sleep quality, back pain issues, and my eyesight as well. Therefore, I thought I could be of help to few more who were dealing with such issues and I decided to write this book.”

3 reasons why you should read ‘Weight Loss: A Sustainable Approach’

Pradeep has shared with us the USP of his book and why people should read it. 

  • It is precise, easy to implement, doesn’t bore you by putting forth a jargon of words, so you can finish it fast, and start your weight-loss journey from the very next day onwards. 
  • It gives you knowledge about various strategies you can incorporate, so it is also a summary of many such books; you just read this and get an idea about a dozen of other books, thereby saving your time and money.
  • It’s not just a load of information, but some tried-and-tested formulas for health improvement, and a little-known way of improving your eyesight also, which NOBODY KNOWS, I think!

“I’m planning to write more books besides my job”

“Fortunately, I have found a job that is a no 9-5 type of job as it is flexible and manageable with almost anything. I think I can make better use of such a job, which gives me enough freedom to read, write, and travel when I like. Meeting minimum targets is required, of course, both for the company as well as for our own financial freedom. 

I don’t write on a regular basis, but I keep analyzing new things, observing, thinking about ideas, and some picture of what I would write in a book whenever I’m free. And once I have a full or near-complete picture of it, then I decide to fix a schedule and make sure it’s published in that given time period. I can say that as I’m planning to write more books.”

Pradeep’s favourite authors and a bunch of non-fiction books 

“My favorite authors are Robert T. Kiyosaki, Dr. Satchidananda Panda, Tony Robbins, and Jeff T Bowles just to name a few. Some of my favorite books are ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Mr. Kiyosaki and ‘The Circadian Code’ by Dr. Panda. These people are changing lives through their knowledge about a topic and I also aspire to share mine in a similar way.”

“Read a lot and apply your learnings into writing” 

Some words of wisdom and tips for aspiring writers from Pradeep Kumar Pandey. 

“Read a lot, socialize with people, apply whatever you learn in your own life, and gain fruitful experience and results in the way, to be able to recreate or rewrite it in a better way that can help someone in need.  I believe writing is the first step, next is editing and proofreading, and then comes publishing, marketing, and advertisement.  We should follow a proven system that can deliver the results we need.  I may not be in a better position to tell you more since this is my first book, but one thing is sure that I’ve also followed the same standards which I mentioned here and I’m hopeful for better outcome, since these are the basics.  We as authors need to establish ourselves as a brand, an authority, a go-to person.  Therefore, we must have some knowledge about business and finance also, apart from our writing skills.

Focus on positive things, become financially literate, and develop small but important daily habits to succeed in life.  Even 1% improvement day by day on a consistent basis, gets you where you want to be in your life.”


Are you a writer with a just finished manuscript? Contact us to help you reach to more readers. 

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