Book Marketing

Book Marketing

We have worked on over 500 book marketing campaigns since 2009.
We understand the importance of Book reviews and meaningful social media conversation for new release books.

We ensure the reviews generated are absolutely honest, unbiased and constructive. So if you have recently published a book that you think could be promoted, then tell us more !

How it Works ?

We have worked on over 500 online book marketing campaigns since 2009. We understand the importance of online Book reviews and a meaningful social media conversation for new release books. 

We ensure the reviews generated are absolutely honest, unbiased and constructive. So just follow these simple steps & start promoting your book !

1. Sign up with some basic details.

2. Talk to our expert to share relevant details of your book and select the campaign duration that suits your requirement and budget.

3. Once the payment process is complete, the campaign is live on the platform. Our editors go through the sign up , select the best reviewers for your book and a review copy either in Paperback or Kindle format is sponsored or sent to the reviewers. 

4. The reviews appear in all the online platforms within 2-3 weeks time and a detailed report with the links will be sent to you. 

5. We also have custom offers such as  social media account management, content plan, contests , live interactions, interviews etc that can are discussed directly via email. 

At Writersmelon, you can review new release books and earn Reward Points for spreading the joy of reading. So, if you love to read and are fairly active on social media, you can be a book reviewer with us. Just follow these simple steps and get going!

1. Sign up with and provide some basic details.

2. Look for books available for Review and apply using the Book specific link each time.

3. Our editor goes through all sign ups and if your review request is approved, you will receive a notification and in most cases a follow up email.

4. Books may reach you via courier as paperbacks or Kindle version as specified.

5. The book cost and delivery charge will be added as reward points to your profile.

6. When you read the book and submit the review reward points will be added to your profile as a token of appreciation.

7. You can redeem the reward points once they reach 1000 points or more and receive the equivalent sum in INR directly credited to your account.

Yes, we do. Very nominal indeed. Just enough to buy another book, but in no way to influence your review for the book. 

We have a reward points system that automatically allocates you points for each (Up for review book) you read and submit a review.

These reward points are of equivalent cash value (in INR) 

When your total reward points reach 1000, you will see a ‘Redeem’ button on your profile. Click, redeem and we will transfer to your bank account.

Yes, You can apply if you write book reviews on any social media platform like Instagram/Facebook or Youtube videos. Sometimes we are just looking for reviews on Amazon. 

Our editorial team evaluates the profiles of all applicants and selects them for each book or review campaign based on various criteria.

It might take 10-15 days for the book to reach the reviewer. 

You can write guest posts for us, share your journey as an author or a content creator. Book reviews of classic and popular novels, reading lists and on general topics related to writing and publishing are broadly the topics we are looking for. 

Promote Your Book

Reach out to genuine readers and get honest feedback on your book. Set up and grow your social media following 


15 Days
  • 10 Online Reviews
  • 1k+ Social Media impressions


30 Days
  • 20 Online Reviews
  • 2k+ Social Media impressions


45 Days
  • 30 Online Reviews
  • 3k+Social Media impressions
  • Content creation : 10 Review quotes


90 Days
  • 50 Online Reviews
  • 5k+Social Media impressions
  • Content creation : 15 Review quotes
  • Reader engagement: Book Contest / Quiz / Giveaway


Minimum 3 Months
  • Account set up
  • Daily content - Text & Image
  • Follow increase/ Industry contacts
  • Reader engagement: Book Contest / Quiz / Giveaway


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