The Worlds Within You

The Worlds Within You

Book Name:   The Worlds Within You

Author's Name:  Shreya Ramachandran

Book Summary

The Worlds Within You tells the story of Ami Shekar, who has decided to take a break from her first year of university in the UK and return to her home in Chennai. Ami is stuck, and finds herself fretting, overthinking and retreating into her own head. But she knows that whatever it is that makes her feel ‘weird’ all the time must have a name to it. And so, Ami is back home, to come to terms with many things: her mental health, her own identity, memories of her grandfather and, finally, herself.Set over the course of seven writing classes, this is an unconventional and melancholic take on what it means to be alive and finding your own emotional support system-no matter how flawed the people within your system might be.

Price:  ₹ 85

Author's Details: Shreya Ramachandran grew up in Chennai and studied South Asian literature and history. She writes about mental health on her blog, and her work has also appeared in The Hindu, the Swaddle and Spark magazine. She currently lives in Mumbai with an indie dog who behaves part cat. This is her first novel.


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