Until I Find You

Until I Find You

Book Name:   Until I Find You

Author's Name:  Kanchana Banerjee

Book Summary

In the milieu of whodunits and howdunits, Kanchana Banerjee has mastered the genre of ‘what-next’ thrillers in contemporary Indian literature. ‘Until I Find You’ is her fourth novel that is sure to keep the readers perched on their seat’s edge. This grim and brutal thriller is set at various locations around the country, but mostly in Rajasthan. There are two parallel plots with interesting threads of story – one involves the investigation of a decomposed leg from a construction site by Inspector Virat and the other is about Jenny’s quest involving her dead friend Rubina. You have to read to find out if the two cases are linked and how. The story is inspired by the famous Jonestown Massacre that happened in the US in 1974.Pick up a copy of this enticing and engrossing book, apply here.

Price:  ₹ 212

Author's Details: Kanchana Banerjee reads true crime and writes engrossing thrillers. This is her fourth book.

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